When you’re selective, better things happen to you.

I’ve written a bit about awards before. The fact is, having built a career winning more and more and more, it became a self-defeating prophecy, where you couldn’t keep doubling the amount you won every year. 

At thedylanagency, we have taken a different tack. We only enter when we think we have a significant chance of winning. So far our success rate is tracking at 100%. What’s led us to this reasoning? Specialisation.

Once again, I am indebted to Blair Enns, who has articulated this far better than anyone else I have read on the matter. When you become more focused on what you do, it’s easier for everyone to know what you stand for. When it comes to awards, we have only been looking at entering work that is effective, or for financial services. With that in mind, there are few awards around the place that fit our criteria.

Having won at the AREAs for the most effective work, we took another look at the MIDAS Awards. It’s the only award show that celebrates the best financial services work globally. 

Fortunately, I have managed to judge it for the last two years and have a pretty clear insight into what the judges were looking for, what sort of work may win, and how to present our argument in the best possible light. 

With that in mind, our careful selection has meant we have a 100% success on our award entries, and doubling of awards on last year’s Midas effort with two finalists from two entries. It has also born out our hypothesis: specialisation improves results.